Why Travel With Us?

Discover Laila Tours Difference

Laila Tours recognize that Clients travelling to the Holy Land are a unique type of traveller and therefore we have developed our programs to cater for the particular needs and expectations of our customers. We are also sensitive to the needs of the Christian communities here in the Holy Land.

Large tour operators can’t provide the same level of personalised attention to their clients, and some tour operators lack the desire or contacts to ensure that a pilgrimage is more than a series of stop offs at holy sites. With our unique contacts within the local Christian communities and our highly dedicated staff, we can ensure that a pilgrimage is about a living faith rather than a quick tour of the past.

  • Our staff has vetted all our destinations personally and we can therefore offer detailed information on hotels, services and local facilities.
  • All our tours include a dedicated liaison organiser from our staff to ensure our guests see the important sights and participate in important events.
  • Our tours for groups are tailor-made for each pilgrimage thereby ensuring all needs are taken into account and the best service provided.
  • Unique contacts with the local Christian communities.

With our special itineraries, our services, and care to each of our clients , we have the privilege of offering you exceptional travel experiences. What is Laila Tours difference? Just take a look:

We put the interests of our travelers first

We are your advocate in putting your itinerary together. We design our itineraries step by step with our clients to come up with an itinerary meets the expectations and needs of our clients. We book the hotels which from our expreience we know is the best for the type of our clients. An example, when we book the hotels or lodge that we prefer doesn’t have space at the time you make your reservation, we will put you on a waitlist and will continue checking it to do everything we can to try to make sure you can stay in that hotel.

We take care of the details.

Leave it to us. We will take care of the logistics and details so you can relax, enjoy, and will provide you with the best possible in terms of service, timing and logistics.

Personalized and Special Service

We are dedicated and hard workers. Let us help you craft the trip of a lifetime with the places and sights that you would like to see, rather than simply cram you into a standardized tour. We offer a variety of special services. You can review them in the sections.


We guarantee our services and provide immediate assistance in case of any emergencies.

Guides Worth Following

Travel with us and you’ll get unforgetable and special memories in the Holy Land . Our guides are professionals and friendly. Follow our guides and you will get to know what is not found in any guidebook.

Experience a Place, Don’t Just Visit

On our trips, you might wake in the Old City of Jerusalem, Old City of Bethlehem and Nazareth and experience the daily life, the market and the historical buildings, you can visit other near by places in the evening or just enjoying the beauty of the country with it’s buildings and structures.

Assisted Hearing Devices

We’re continually seeking new ways to enhance our tours, and many of our tours include the use of hearing devices that enable you to hear the tour guide from up to 30 feet away! No more crowding around the tour guide.

We’re specialists

We are a specialist travel company, focused only the Holy Land. Our destination specialists know these places in-depth and first-hand from living, working and traveling in them, and they bring that deep experience to bear on the creation of your itinerary. We have been in business since 2006 and have thousands of highly satisfied clients.