In Bethlehem

Mar Saba Monastery

The Mar Saba monastery overlooks the Kidron Valley. It is perched on the side of a cliff, with some unforgettable walking and hiking routes close by, and oversees the beautiful canyon. The true wonders of the site are not within the walls, but the walls themselves.

Old Bethlehem Museum

The Old Bethlehem museum is located in a typical nineteenth century Palestinian home; this contributes massively to a visitor’s sense of authenticity and makes the experience all the more striking. Inside, a collection of items can be found which will give you a true taste of old Palestinian life and culture.

The Icon Centre

The Centre and its Icon School are based in Bethlehem, the city of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is dedicated to the renewal of iconography as a living part of the spiritual landscape of the Holy Land.

Church of St. Catherine

St Catherine’s Church doubles as both a Catholic Church and a Franciscan Monastery. The lovely church takes its name from St. Catherine of Alexandria. It is believed that this is the place at which her martyrdom was prophesied by Jesus Christ. Beneath the church, you will find ancient caves and tombs.

The Walled Off Museum

Many of the most notable Palestinian artists from the past 20 years are here – including Sliman Mansour with his iconic “And the Convoy Keeps Going”. An adjoining space is dedicated to temporary shows by upcoming artists. The gallery sells original work, prints and postcards.