In Nazareth

Church of the Annunciation

Regarded as one of the most important churches of modern times in Israel and top of the things to do list in Nazareth, the present Church of the Annunciation was built in 1969. In the floor of the church is a large octagonal opening with a view of the lower level and the older structures below – the Grotto of the Annunciation and the remains of the earliest churches on the site.


The remains of ancient Zippori (Sepphoris) are an excellent day trip from Nazareth. Excavations here by American archaeologists have brought to light findings from the Roman period, when the town was known as Diocaesarea, through to the era of the Crusades.

Old Market

Sprawling over the winding streets up the Galilean hillsides, this bustling open-air bazaar features a wide variety of small shops such as the Bride’s, Blacksmith’s, Goldsmith’s and Vegetable markets.

Yiftahel Winery

In the middle of enchanted green area we built a beautiful log cabin. The cabin was first constructed in the Appalachian Mountains Here you can taste and purchase Yiftah’el wines and Ofir honeys. The cabin offers a unique atmosphere made of simple beauty and scented by old oak and chestnut woods. In the upper floor you would find changing exhibitions of local artists.