Biannual Holy Land Tour

6 Days Biannual Tour to the Holy Land by Laila Tours, you will visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nativity Church, Jericho, Jordan Vally, Yad Vashem and More



6 Days
5 Nights


Included Meals

All Breakfasts
All Dinners


4 Star hotels

Trip Staff

Expert Tour Guide
Professional Driver


Air Conditioned Modern Coach


Day 1 - Arrival in Israel

Today we’ll arrive to Ben Gurion, in Tel Aviv. We’ll be taken to our hotel in Jerusalem.

At the end of our day we have an overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 - Nativity Church - Shepherds Fields - Via Dolorosa

Following breakfast at the hotel, we’ll ride to Bethlehem to visit the Nativity Church and Shepherds Fields. The Old City is found around Manger Square and one of the highlights is the Church of the Nativity. This is one of the oldest churches in the world, and is built around a cave that is Jesus’ birthplace.

We’ll then explore Mount of Olives and visit the Chapel of the Ascension where Jesus ascended into heaven forty days after his resurrection. We’ll walk to visit Pater Noster Church where Jesus taught His disciples the Lord’s Prayer (Matt.26:36-44).

Then we’ll go to an observation point that overlooks the Old City of Jerusalem.

We’ll walk the Palm Sunday route and descend to the Garden of Gethsemane. It’s a garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives that still contains trees with roots that date back to the time of Jesus. Near the Garden is our next stop, the Church of All Nations, built over the “Rock of Agony”. This is where Jesus prayed alone on the night of His arrest (Luke 22:29-53).

Throughout this time, we are invited to remain in prayer and to reflect on Christ’s agony that he experienced.

Afterwards, we go to Saint Ann’s Church and visit Pools of Bethesda where Jesus healed the crippled man (John 5:1-9). We continue to walk towards the Via Dolorosa. We will reflect upon the Stations of the Cross as we travel through the markets of the old city to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Luke 23:26-33). This Sacred destination is the site of Calvary (Jesus’ crucifixion place) and, His tomb (Luke 23: 50-55).

At the end of our day we have an overnight at the hotel.

* We would recommend modest dress for this excursion (no shorts or sleeveless shirts); while a head covering is required for visiting the holy places.

*You will also be required to take your passport with you on this excursion, so that you are allowed access into Bethlehem.

Day 3 - Mount Zion – Cenacle - Yad Vashem

Following breakfast at our hotel, we go to Mount Zion. We’ll explore the Church of the Dormition. This church is where Mary, the Mother of Jesus, “Fell Asleep”.

Then we’ll continue to visit Cenacle, also known as the “Upper Room”, where Jesus and His disciples celebrated the Last Supper (Mark 14:12- 26).

Afterwards we’ll visit Saint Peter Gallicantu, this church commemorates where Jesus was examined and eventually imprisoned before the Council in Jerusalem. It also commemorates Peter’s Denial of Christ (John 18:15-18). Afterwards we go to visit Yad Vashem and the Museum of Israel; home of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest surviving version of the Bible.

At the end of our day we have an overnight at the hotel.

Day 4 - Jericho -Masada - Qumran – Jordan Valley

Following breakfast at the hotel, we’ll ride to Jericho, the oldest city in the world that was conquered by Joshua (Josh. 6: 1).

Our first stop is Masada, an ancient fortress in southern Israel’s Judean Desert. It’s on a massive plateau overlooking the Dead Sea.

Our second stop is Qumran; it is made up of 2000 year old ruins from the days of the Second Temple and also the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were written and discovered (Ezekial 47:8-10).

We continue to visit Jesus’ baptismal site (Qasr El Yahud) on the Jordan Valley (Matthew 3:13-17).

We then visit the Sycamore Tree that recalls the incident in which the tax collector Zacchaeus, too short to see over the crowd, climbed a sycamore’s branches in order to see Jesus (Luke 18-19).

Finally, our last stop, we’ll admire the view of Mount of Temptations; the hill in the Judean Desert where Jesus was tempted by the devil (Matthew 4:8).

We end our day with a drive to Jerusalem for an overnight at the hotel.

Day 5 - Free Day

After breakfast, spend the day at your leisure.

Optional Day Tour: Nazareth and Tiberias

After breakfast, drive a long Jordan valley to Galilee and Lake Tiberias, one of the main places of Jesus’ ministries in addition it was the place he called his first disciples. A day immersed in Biblical significance on the Galilee and on the shores of Lake Tiberias, is a fascinating journey through time, reuniting you with events that have shaped and will forever shape the history of our civilization. Around the lake you will visit the beautiful church of Tabgha which is commemorates the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and bread, and the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus delivered his Sermon on the Mount and Capernaum the home town of Jesus. Also view the house of St Peter and the ancient synagogue.

Drive to Nazareth, visit the Basilica of the Annunciation and St. Joseph’s church, built over Joseph’s carpentry workshop; and pass by Mary’s Well and the Church of the Angel Gabriel, where the angel Gabriel told Mary she would give birth to Jesus. Drive back to Jerusalem for an overnight.

Day 6 - Airport

Following breakfast at the hotel, we’ll transfer to the Airport for departure. (It is possible to crossover to Jordan via Allenby Bridge to continue your Journey. Please advise if this is the case)

Additional Information

  • The itinerary can be customized upon request. Send us a request for a quote for more details or customization.